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Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™
Press Release for 1st Edition

Nanotechnology Opportunity Report Details the
Rapid Global Emergence of a Disruptive New Technology

Nanotechnology Gets Down to Business: 455 Companies; Billions Spent, Products Shipped

San Francisco, CA – March 11, 2002. A new report shows that nanotechnology is happening much faster than expected. The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™ (N.O.R.™)—released today—serves as a guide to rational decision-making for business and investment in nanotechnology. This $1,995 450-page report delivers a startling conclusion about the state of nanotechnology worldwide: nanotechnology is here now. The N.O.R. shows how governments spent over two billion dollars last year, which 455 companies have projects under way currently, why 95 investment firms are writing checks now and what nanotechnology products are shipping today. The report, vetted by an advisory board of leading scientific and business experts, reveals the key opportunity areas for near-term investment and sets the global baseline for measuring nanotechnology’s growth over time.

“The N.O.R. is a breakthrough—it is the first complete report of the state of our field,” says Meyya Meyyappan, director of the Center for Nanotechnology at NASA Ames, and N.O.R. advisory board member. “The report sets the context for the business reader, and explains the dynamics of commercial opportunities in nanotechnology. It gives the first worldwide landscape of the research advancing the science, presents the companies creating products and identifies the investors providing capital to make nanotechnology real. I predict that the N.O.R. will become the defining report in the field of nanotechnology.”

“Nanotechnology is not science fiction,” explains the report’s publisher and co-author, Tim Harper, CEO of Cientifica. “Consumers today can buy products that use nanotechnology, from pants to trucks to ski wax. Companies are commercializing several kinds of nanotechnology today and many more will come to market in the near future. Recent government and corporate investment—similar in scope to the human genome project—is paying off, as many new companies bring nanotechnology into our daily lives.”

All-star Advisory Board

“We joined in the N.O.R. effort in part because of the strength of the advisory board,” stated Dr. Jurgen Schulte, CEO of nABACUS. “These are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the nanotechnology field in the world. This assures that the N.O.R. is as scientifically accurate and contextually astute as it can be.”

Disruptive Ingredient in Many Industries

“Nanotechnology is not an industry,” said N.O.R. advisory board chairman Scott Mize, CEO of AngstroVision. “Nanotechnology is a set of enabling technologies that will significantly impact almost every industry. The N.O.R. explains the technology behind these impacts in plain English, because we recognize that understanding the technology will be the critical success factor for business and investment in nanotechnology.”

Setting the Baseline for Market Growth Statistics

“‘How fast will it grow?’ is the foremost question for an investor in nanotechnology,” said N.O.R. co-founder Ed Niehaus, a San Francisco-based business consultant. “To extrapolate a growth rate you need to know the starting place, and that’s what this report provides. A year from now, the N.O.R. will establish the rate of change, built on the baseline of today’s report, which definitively establishes the current global state of nanotechnology.”

Opportunities & Risks

Not all of the report’s surprises are optimistic. “When will the shake-outs begin?” Harper asked. “When we discovered that 143 companies already are involved in nanoparticles and 70 companies in fullerenes and nanotubes, we concluded that consolidation will begin this year.”

The N.O.R. delineates immediate opportunities of which companies and investors can take advantage to build lasting success. “The gains will be huge for those who win, but, each opportunity contains a reciprocal threat,” Harper explained. “If you don’t understand what’s happening in nanotechnology and your competition does, the impact could be unpleasant. The report provides a basis for rational decisions now about this key technology while it is still emerging. To do that, we had to provide the entire landscape, not just a narrow snapshot or two.”

A Truly Global Race

“No single geographic area dominates nanotechnology work,” said N.O.R. co-author Paul Holister, “Although some areas are stronger than others. About half of the 455 companies worldwide are in North America. Of the European companies, about half are in Germany; of the Asia Pacific companies, half are in Japan. Nanotechnology is a diverse global phenomenon.”

The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report is published by CMP-Cientifica, and nABACUS, the leading Asia Pacific region nanotechnology consultancy. The report was co-founded by Ed Niehaus and Scott Mize.

The N.O.R. is available now for purchase at $1995. For a table of contents and detailed description of the N.O.R., visit Place orders in by calling +34 91 640 7440 or faxing +34 91 640 71 86 in Europe; by calling 415-647-6604 or faxing 415-826-1555 in the U.S.; or by emailing

About Cientifica

Cientifica’s mission is to empower business to make rational decisions about nanotechnology. The company’s roles are to identify trends early, size markets accurately, connect the people that make things happen and guide the decisions that form the landscape as nanotechnology emerges.

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