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Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™
Press Release for 2nd Edition

Científica publishes 2nd Edition of Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™

The leading report on the global commercial opportunities in nanotechnology is greatly updated and expanded

The 600-page report covers over
600 companies, 300 research institutions,
150 investors, and 180 investment deals

New York – June 24th 2003. Global nanotechnology consulting company Científica Ltd today announced the release of the second edition of the popular Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™.

The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™ is the only global overview of this burgeoning field from a business perspective that is informed by an in-depth understanding of the science. London-based Cientifica is the business information spin-off of CMP Cientifica, which has provided nanotechnology-related research outsourcing to companies and governmental institutions, runs the Phantoms nanoelectronics network, organizes Europe's largest scientific nanotechnology conference, TNT200x, and works with both the business and academic community worldwide.

Cientifica's staff have scientific backgrounds coupled with strong business and commercial experience. This, and the ability to draw on the core scientific expertise and networks of its parent company, gives Cientifica an unparalleled ability to understand the whole of the intricate nanotechnology landscape, from the fundamental science to market dynamics.

Add to this a 'dream team' advisory board of some of the most prominent individuals in nanotechnology from around the globe, and the NOR 2nd Edition provides accuracy, reliability, and insight that will not be found elsewhere.

Dr Daniel Colbert, co-founder, with Nobel-Prize winner Richard Smalley, of Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc., said of the extended Nanotubes Report, which is now included in the NOR 2nd Edition, "The best survey of commercial activity on nanotubes that I have ever seen."

Cientifica's team has selected and profiled 600 companies from around the globe that are involved in real nanotechnology, not MEMS, semiconductor, or other companies that like to present themselves as involved in nanotechnology. The companies are listed according to the nanotechnologies they use and the markets in which they operate, allowing readers to rapidly identify the players in a particular area.

This is the same team that produces the top nanotechnology newsletter, TNT Weekly, and the industry-oriented World Nano-Economic Congress. With offices in Madrid, London, Mumbai, and New York, associates in many other countries, global academic networks to tap into, and multi-lingual staff, Cientifica is the only company tracking all developments in nanotechnology worldwide and providing nanotechnology consulting services to Global 2000 companies around the world.

The NOR 2nd Edition offers an accessible explanation of the various nanotechnologies, and analysis of potential applications, timelines, barriers to commercialization, competing technologies, and dynamics of target markets.

Recognized as the most comprehensive report available in the field, the NOR has become a "must have" for industry executives, investors and academics.


Purchasers of the NOR 2nd edition will receive not only the most comprehensive, detailed, and informed report on nanotechnology but also free updates to all sections until the end of the year.

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Científica is the global leader in nanotechnology business information and consulting, combining in-depth understanding of science, applications and business, with advanced data mining and visualization technology. The Finnish global technology consulting company, Jaakko Pöyry Consulting, is Científica's core consulting partner.

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